Cavity Wall Tie Replacement

The need to replace corroded and defective wall ties have become an ever-increasing problem in properties built of brick and block, as they age. After an assessment of the condition of the wall ties by our Surveyor, the report we send may recommend the insertion of non-corroding stainless steel wall ties. We use many types of replacement ties each designed to be installed into buildings according to their construction. Our Technicians quickly replace the wall ties in an average house in only a few days, thereby protecting the property against the destabilizing effects of wall tie failure, for generations to come.

Tanking and Waterproofing


Cavity Drain MembranePlaton Cavity Drain membranes “System Platon” are made of high-density studded polyethylene sheets, which are impervious to water and are vapor proof. When placed against structures the studs form permanent cavities between the structure and the internal shell. They can be used internally or externally to drain and control water & damp ingress.

“System Platon” is not a tanking system. The term “Tanking” originates from the industrial process of lining structures with a waterproof material, which were applied either externally (on the positive side) or internally (on the negative side). Tanking materials such as multi-coat renders, cementitious waterproofing slurries, asphalt’s and liquid applied bitumen coatings, to name but a few rely on either a mechanical or chemical bond directly on to the substrate and work by holding water back. The majority of which is vapor permeable.

Walls in the majority of circumstances are not engineered to withstand the bending stresses applied when a negative pressure barrier tanking system is used to hold back water pressure. Brick is very strong in compression but weak in tension.

Cavity Drain SolutionTraditionally in the United Kingdom cementitious tanking systems are applied to below ground structures, but if the structure was to be subjected to hydrostatic water pressure, the resulting bending stresses are often far too great for the barrier system to cope with and therefore de-bonding or cracking, resulting in failure, will occur. The installation of Platon membrane doesn’t change the status quo and therefore Platon Cavity membranes are ideally the most suitable and economical method of providing an effective and long-lasting waterproofing system that is also sympathetic towards building structures and for those seeking maximum assurance ‘System Platon’ is considered to be the most trouble-free.